Instruction and Delivery

In-Class Training

In-Class training is the most common and most popular method of training. It is popular because the students get direct access to instructors and are provided with all the necessary lab equipment.
In this style of training, "In-Class" students will be present in a classroom with the instructor. Each student will have their own lab computer(s) to perform lab exercises on. Students may need to travel to reach one of our training locations, if this is the case, notify us during your registration and we can provide you with recommended hotels, and other travel information.
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On-site Training

On-site training is popular amongst our larger customers that have a number of students that want training at the same time. This is particularly useful if more than a few of your employees need to be trained, if you need a custom training course, or to address a specific need such as an upgrade of important systems.
In this style of training, our instructor travels to your facility to teach a course. These sessions are usually private, including only your employees.
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Live Online

Live Online training is a great alternative to In-Class training for students who do not want to travel for training. Our Live Online training is intended to extend our In-Class courses and are therefore instructor lead and include remote access to our lab equipment required for the course. Students of Live Online training benefit from not having to travel, yet still have access to the instructor, and lab computer.
In this style of training, the student must have in a quiet, distraction-free environment, with a high-speed Internet connection, at home or work. Over the Internet, they would be able to hear and talk to the instructor, and interact with their lab computer remotely. Students require headphones and a microphone. Course materials will be couriered to the student prior to the course.
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Custom Training

There are some cases where customers require training that does not directly correspond to a pre-built course. In these cases, we have experienced instructors who can create custom training courses that will suit your needs.
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